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UPDATE: Uploading of Npower Posting Letter Portal is Now Going Through

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Uploading of Npower Posting Letter Portal is Now Going Through. Npower Posting Letter 2018 Update | | Upload & Download Deployment Letter. Npower Posting Letter 2018 Update | Upload and Download Deployment Letter from NPVN Portal– 2017 Beneficiaries

Uploading of Npower Posting Letter Portal

As we earlier promised in our previous article, (See here) that we will update you when Npower Portal for uploading of posting/deployment letter is up and accessible. Now, we have at least completed 30 beneficiaries on our end here. We have successfully uploaded some deployment/posting letters to npower portal today at


See below the procedures on uploading of npower posting letter on portal.

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Npower Posting Letter 2018 Update | | Upload & Download Deployment Letter

Npower Deployment Letter 2018

As soon as you collect your deployment letter, you are expected to take the letter to your PPA. At your PPA the letter would be stamped, this indicates that you have resumed your duty.

After stamping proceed to your NPVN PORTAL to upload it.

Please take note of the steps

  1. Login to your NPVN PORTA at
  2. Download your posting letter and print it
  3. Take the print out to your PPA and stamp it
  4. Login to your NPVN PORTAL and upload your STAMPED posting letter.

The deadline for uploading of stamped posting letter is 10th of August, 2018. First payment would be made 31st of August, 2018.

If you are having any problems with this process. Feel free to let us know through any of the channels below.

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  1. Maureen says

    sir just yesterday I try to upload my letter but is not going through. how can one go about it .for sometime now is not going through

    1. James Nguuma Kase says

      Hi Maureen, If you are conversant with using a computer, I will show you detailed procedures on how to go about this.

        Login with your details
        Go back to your computer and select your posting letter either scanned or snapped with a phone. Preferably, scanned copy
        Right click on the image and then open with “Microsoft Office Picture Manager” and then Click on Edit
        Select the custom size and use “Web large” then click okay and save
        Go back to npower portal and then upload. That’s it

      If you’re not good at using a computer, pls visit the nearest cyber cafe closer to you.

      Thanks and I’m expecting your replying to this comment.


    thanks for your update

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