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How To Submit Blogger Sitemap To Google Webmaster Tools

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Submit Blogger Sitemap To Google Webmaster Tools. This page explains how to build a sitemap and make it available to Google using Google webmaster tools. Learn more about blogger xml sitemaps here. Build and submit a sitemap to google webmaster tools.

How To Submit Blogger Sitemap To Google Webmaster Tools.

A sitemap is a file that contains a list of all your site’s pages. It provides Google with information about your site’s pages. Every Wix site contains a sitemap, which is automatically generated by our server and is always kept up to date with your site’s information. You can view your sitemap by adding sitemap.xml to the end of your domain name. For example:

You can submit your sitemap directly to Google using Google Webmaster tools. This makes it easier for Google to find all of the pages of your site and can improve the speed of Google crawling and indexing.

We recommend submitting your sitemap each time you publish new changes on your site.

Sitemap formats.

In order to submit your sitemap to google webmaster tools successfully, you need to understand the different formats of Google supported sitemap formats.

All formats limit a single sitemap to 50MB (uncompressed) and 50,000 URLs. If you have a larger file or more URLs, you will have to break your list into multiple sitemaps. You can optionally create a sitemap index file (a file that points to a list of sitemaps) and submit that single index file to Google. You can submit multiple sitemaps and/or sitemap index files to Google.


Google supports the standard sitemap protocol. Google also supports XML extensions for video, images, and news resources; use these extensions to describe video files, images, and other hard-to-parse content on your site to improve how we index these resources.

RSS, mRSS, and Atom 1.0

If you have a blog with an RSS or Atom feed, you can submit the feed’s URL as a sitemap. Most blog software is able to create a feed for you, but recognize that this feed only provides information on recent URLs.

  • Google accepts RSS (Real Simple Syndication) 2.0 and Atom 1.0 feeds.
  • You can use an mRSS (media RSS) feed to provide Google details about video content on your site.


If your sitemap includes only web page URLs, you can provide Google with a simple text file that contains one URL per line. For example:


Guidelines for text file sitemaps:

  • Encode your file using UTF-8 encoding.
  • Your text file should contain nothing but the list of URLs.
  • You can name the text file anything you wish, provided it has a .txt extension (for instance, sitemap.txt).

Google sites

If you’ve created and verified a site using Google Sites, Sites will automatically generate a sitemap for you. You cannot modify the sitemap, but you can submit it to Google if you want to read the sitemap report data. Note that your sitemap might not be displayed properly if you have more than 1,000 pages in a single sub-directory.

  • If your site is hosted at Google Sites, your sitemap URL is
  • If you created your site using Google Apps, your sitemap URL is

Understanding Basic procedures to submit blogger sitemap to google webmaster tools.

You can show your website in Google search for free if you can help Google to find your blog.

To do that, you should know about Google Search Console (earlier known as Google Webmaster Tools).

Search Console is a free tool offered by Google which helps you to display your website in Google search results (index or crawl your website).

This tool also helps you to improve the crawling rate of your blog.

All you have to do are a few simple things.

First of all, you’ve to verify in Google Search Console that you’re the owner of the website.

And, the second and most important task is to submit your blog/website sitemap to search console.

Here, I’m going to guide you through step by step methods about how to submit website sitemap to Google webmaster tools.

But, before that we need to understand what actually a sitemap is, and why is it important for your blog to submit a sitemap.

For verifying your website ownership on Search Console, you can refer to this article on Kissmetrics blog.

So, without much further ado, let’s get started.

Submit Blogger Sitemap To Google
Webmaster tools (Search Console).

To submit your sitemap:

  1. Select your site on your Google Search Console home page.
  2. Click Crawl.
  3. Click Sitemaps.
  5. In the text field next to your domain, type sitemap.xml.
    Note: Do not enter any additional text. For example, do not enter the page name.
  6. Click Submit Sitemap.
  7. Refresh the page.

Congratulation! You have finished the process of submitting your blog sitemap.

Note: The above sitemap is for post articles of your blogs. If you want to index pages seperately, you can follow the procedures to submit blogger static pages on your blog to Google Webmaster tool, then you have to add one more sitemap.

To submit blogger static pages to google webmaster tools:

  1. Select your site on your Google Search Console home page.
  2. Click Crawl.
  3. Click Sitemaps.
  5. In the text field next to your domain, type sitemap-pages.xml.
    Note: Do not enter any additional text. For example, do not enter the page name.
  6. Click Submit Sitemap.
  7. Refresh the page.

This procedure adds up your static pages to google search and helps even in search presence of your pages on SERP.


Listed above is the step by step guide on how to submit Blogger sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools.

Now, it’s your time to try this tutorial and let us know if it was helpful for you or not.

Also, let us know how submitting sitemap to Google webmasters affected your website.

Please share your views with me on the effects of adding the sitemap and let me know in the comments if you need any help in submitting your blog sitemap or FIND OUT MORE INTERESTING BLOGGING GUIDES ON THIS PAGE.

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