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See Where To Shop With TBC in Nigeria (TheBillionCoin) Online Stores In Nigeria

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See Where To Shop With TBC in Nigeria (TheBillionCoin) Online Stores In Nigeria. Have you every wondered where to use your TBC coin in Nigeria for shopping? Do you want to shop with TBC coin in Nigeria? Do you want to buy goods with your TBC Coin in Nigeria? If yes, then read this article carefully.

See Where To Shop With TBC in Nigeria

In this article, we have shared some information about reliable outlets. If you find other stores accepting TBC, be sure to check their reliability and reputation. Do not cash out money on websites that look suspicious. TBC is a fairly new currency so some traders may use it for fraudulent deals. Take care of your funds and enjoy convenient shopping. Good luck!

Сrypto-currencies continue to gain popularity. They provide a lot of benefits but not all outlets accept them. In this article, we will provide you with useful information about online stores that accept TBC. If you become their client, you can buy the necessary products without leaving your home.

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What is TBC coin (TheBillionCoin)?

The decentralized crypto-currency TheBillionCoin differs from a large number of coins issued on the market which are dependent on the companies that created them. In this case, it is a community of people, a kind of fund in which there is a number of users of TBC coins.

Any user can buy coins and sell them after a certain period of time.The investor then put the difference in his pocket or increase the number of coins and become even richer!

The creators of crypto-currency claim that you do not lose because the value of your coins will grow at a rate of 1% every 71 days, 2% every 36 days, 3% every 25 days, 4% every 19 days, 5% every 15 days! Sounds very appealing, doesn’t it!

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On average, today, the daily rate of coins rises at about 3%. Now 1 TBC costs approximately $1,752,652. For many, the cost has become unattainable. As a result of this, “Kringle” was introduced for an easier coin purchase.. 1 Kringle = 0.00000001 TBC (100 million Kringles for 1 TBC). You can buy the coins with any amount of money you own and accumulate it. This means that the cost of Kringle is $0.01752652.

Here you can find current exchange rates of other currencies to TBC:

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Where to shop with TBC in Nigeria?

If you appreciate all the advantages of this currency and have received your first funds, it’s time to spend your money on beneficial purchases. There are several sites that accept TBC.

Facebook group

In order to start shopping with TBC, you need to log into your Facebook account and proceed to the yardsales category. You will see groups with different suppliers, goods, and prices that you can pay with TBC. You can contact the sellers to find out if delivery is provided.

Kavwin Nigeria Limited

This shop is situated on 56 Ijaiye Road, near Tantalizer, Ogba, Lagos. But you do not need to come to this address. Shopping can be done on the Internet using your electronic gadgets. Among other currencies, TBC is also accepted.

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There are additional online shops that accept TBC:

Remember that you have to be careful and make sure the shops are valid before cashing your TBC. This is not the full list but just the few that the validity is sure.

Make sure you contact someone trustworthy as TBC is still fairly new in the Nigerian market to avoid being scammed.

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