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To Bring Positive Change To Our Dear Nation ‘Nigeria’ by Adigun Abiola

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To Bring Positive Change To Our Dear Nation ‘Nigeria’ by Adigun Abiola. This article was shared by a patriotic Nigerian, Asiwaju Adigun Abiola who has highlighted several key points and solutions as he tagged as “Change“. Mr. Asiwaju Adigun Abiola felt concerned about the economic, social, financial, and other situation of his country Nigeria and has decided to share his deep thought to his fellow Nigerians.

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To Bring Positive Change To Our Dear Nation ‘Nigeria’ by Adigun Abiola

Nigeria is a country that evolves into different ethnic groups with various cultural values and heritage. To bring a positive change to our dear nation; we must check our foundation of upbringing in different aspect.

We keep blaming the government without tracing where the problems started from and how possible we can resolve this, an average Nigerians constituted bad deeds to the development of our dear nation; this has encompassed the decadence in our social, economy, political value.

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Until we see a reason to start building ourselves block by block; an average Nigerians constitute the immorality into the system, but we have forgotten that this minority in government are example of what the society has created so far. We have to see this tasks of development has a collective effort that requires our time, ideas, dedication, etc. A reasonable citizen of Nigeria will know that whatever is wrong with the country is wrong with each and everyone of us.

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The average Nigerian that has gone through raw upbringing and constituted negative effect to our country are now everywhere in political, social and economy system and they are person at the top and bottom of decaying system. We now need to see to construction of that average Nigerian collectively. The institutions that are supposed to help build the person’s mental construct from childhood block by block; for example if we have any country where it’s people are behaving right, it start from day one from childhood; it actually start from the family, the curriculum of the school, their religion organization that has work perfectly for them.

Let stand up as Nigerian, to bring the peace and unity back to our land; collectively we can change the system. Let build this our dear nation block by block; you have a reasonable impact to make this decaying system work again.


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