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Npower News: October Stipend Payment, Device Collection 2018

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Npower News: October Stipend Payment, Device Collection 2018. Npower News Today 2018 – Npower latest news today on October Stipend payment to 2016 & 2017 Volunteers, Device Collection, backlog payment, exit plan, permanency and redeployment.

Npower News: October Stipend Payment

This is the latest news on NPOWER programme relating to the payment of October Stipend to 2016 & 2017 Volunteers, Device selection/collection, backlog payment, redeployment, exit plan, permanency of volunteers and absorption into the Federal Civil Service Commission (FCSC).

NPOWER Latest news on 2017 Volunteers

The Npower is a direct promise to you, as you know Mr president promised employability opportunities for the Nigerian Youths. The job creation units coordinates the Npower programme. Kindly note all payment is processed through the Ministry of budget and national planing.

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Each state has a focal person,that act as liaison officer between the federal government and the Npower volunteers. The most important person to you right now is your PPA head, they have the final say. So those that have been deployed to schools, kindly respect your headmaster / headmistress, even those in N-Health, your matron/head is the final say, those in agro,you at not left behind. Remember Npower is a serious business, attendance is mandatory. It’s a full time volunteer programme for two years. When you do this, you will get a veritable work experience.

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Discipline: You should not be rude to your PPA  heads, discipline is very important. Over time we have exited some Npower volunteers from the 2016 batch for indiscipline. Attendance also is very important.

There are reports that quite a significant number of Npower volunteers are employed and Npower team is also aware that some of you do not want to do the Npower job full time. Some are thinking of using proxies for the Npower job. Here is a choice, exit the programme now and be good ambassadors for others who genuinely need this life line.

NPOWER Stipend Payment To 2017 Volunteers

All fingers crossed as stipends will be paid to all deserving volunteers . As payment commences, Npower will continue enrolling those people that their status is still showing ONBOARDED. Just be patient you will be enrolled soon. Note that you must be enrolled to be able to receive your stipend.

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The programme is full time and payment would be made. But please respect and value other aspect of the program more than money (stipends). Money will go but what you learn sticks with you. You should be more focused on the learning aspects. When you constantly attend your PPA ,you will learn from yourself and your employers. One thing employers look for is your interpersonal skills. Value your leaning and work than payment.

Kindly note that what you earn is what you work for. You are not in Npower for the payment but you are in this for the learning and payment is important.

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  • Process of selection to payment
  • Names are sent to states
  • You have to report at your PPA, and then get your acceptance letter well stamped.
  • You are then required to upload the documents into the portal.
  • Npower team call on the list that was sent to the states, states then send back the list of deployed volunteers to Npower team. Now Npower will check your deployed letters uploaded and the one sent by state, when it matches the one you uploaded, you’ll then be enrolled, after this you will then go to the category call Payroll.
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When states submit your list, Npower will check where you were deployed to and the letter you uploaded, if they are the same. If you are having issues here, kindly go back to your LGA and make corrections.

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Within now and at the end of the month, you will receive payment if you have been enrolled.

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How payment is done?

The Ministry of budget and national planning is the head, your list has been sent to the office. This takes some days, after this Npower will send your money (stipend) through NIBBS, which does the final check,that your BVN, your account number and your bank name matched.

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Npower Redeployment

You can be deployed within your State. Reach out to your state focal person,They have Npower permission.

Npower 2016 Volunteers News

Device Collection

A few of you are still without devices, Npower is aware of it are working on it. Some of your devices were faulty and some device came in empty but be rest assured you will get yours.

Backlog Payment

Once you have been verified  and you have been able to submit a proof, your backlog payment will be made. Remember Npower only pay for the months you worked.

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N-Tech Hardware Programme

Your deployment list will be out in a few days.

Those of you that are already engaged in Npower and still applied for the Npower tech are about 21,we warned you severally and you will be exited from the Npower programme.

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Npower Permanence

Npower team have made this clear and simple and it is the reality. When you talk about absorb us into federal civil service commission, FSCS, it does not mean anything. You are not in the civil service. The aim of the Npower programme is to enhance your employability

You are currently volunteering. Know how to channel your grievances, not in a forceful way. Npower team is currently working on some exit strategy. Some said they have rejected the plan. How can you reject what you don’t know?

Goodnews to NPOWER 2016 Beneficiaries

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