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Nigeria Port Authority Salary Structure 2018-2019 [Monthly / Annually]

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Nigeria Port Authority Salary Structure 2018-2019Nigeria Port Authority Salary… Nigeria Port Authority Salary Scale… Nigeria Port Authority Salary Structure… Do you wish to work with Nigerian Port Authority? If yes, it is a necessity to understand how much they pay their workers monthly and annually for each position. 

Nigeria Port Authority Salary Structure 2018-2019.

Nigeria Port Authority is responsible for the maintenance of ports in Nigeria. There are two large ports under the command of the Nigeria Port Authority – Port Harcourt and Lagos. Understandably, people who want to work in this structure are more interested in the Nigeria Port Authority Salary Structure! Continue reading if you want to find out this information too!

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It’s hard to find much information about salary structure of any government company in Nigeria. One of the reasons for that is the confidentiality of this information. Nevertheless, it`s possible to find some piece of information about salary structure of Nigeria port authority.

Several years ago, Nigeria Port Authority provided an ultimatum to the Nigerian government. One of their main demands was to increase the average salary. At that time, the least paid employee of the Authority JSS II was paid N120 000 per month. Today, this number increased to up to N200 000.

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You can find a number of Job offer vacancies for Nigeria Port Authority. At the moment, it`s possible to look at the several job offers that announced the Nigeria Port Authority Salary Range.

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Employees Position and Nigeria Port Authority Salary.

According to, we have the following salary rating:

  • IT Manager in Anambra State. If you would like to get this job, you can earn about 400-600 thousand Naira per year.
  • Control Designer at Oil and Gas industry in Lagos. You can expect more than five million Naira per year if you had this job.
  • Senior Graphic Designer In Marketing . This specialist is required in Lagos. You can expect to receive up to 1.5 million Naira per year in this position.
  • HSE Officer of Purchasing and Supply Chain. This specialist is required in Lagos. You can receive up to four million Naira per year if you take this position.
  • Social Care Counselor. This specialist is required in Kwara State. You can expect to get up to 400 thousand Naira per year if you get this position.

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Nigeria Port Authority Salary Scale and Website.

According to the official website of the Nigeria Port Authority, there are no vacancies open at the moment. But do not be discouraged as they regularly publish job vacancies for various positions. According to the rumors about Nigerian Port Authority Salary Structure – the newbies can get up to the 100 000 Naira per month.

The most required job positions include:

  • – Assistant Manager Harbours;
  • – Senior Marine Officer;
  • – Assistant Manager Radio;
  • – Radio Officer;
  • – Signalman;
  • – Trainee Seaman;
  • – Marine Engineering Trainee;
  • – Pilot Trainee.

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If you want to get a position in the Nigeria Port Authority Salary Scale, you have to follow these criteria:

  • – You must be a citizen of Nigeria;
  • – You must be at least 20 years old;
  • – You must provide a certificate of your education.

If you manage to pass all the test and ace the job interview – you will be welcomed into the Nigeria Port Authority Family.

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