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Nigeria Politicians Monthly Salaries from 2015 – 2019

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Nigeria Politicians Monthly Salaries from 2015 – 2019Monthly Salaries of all Politicians in Nigeria… This article is targeted at revealing the salary of politicians in Nigeria.

This includes the salary of the President, Vice President, Senate President, Deputy Senate President, Speaker House of National House of Representative, Federal Ministers, State Governors, Members of the National Assembly, State Commissioners, Local Government Chairmen, etc., as reviewed in the Revenue Mobilization and Fiscal Commission (RMAFC).

Nigeria Politicians Monthly Salaries.

The remuneration packages for top politicians include basic salaries and allowances. The allowances include accommodation, domestic staff, personal assistant, house maintenance, utilities, entertainment, hardship allowance, constituency allowance, wardrobe, newspaper, responsibility allowance, vehicle fueling and maintenance, etc.

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The Nigeria Politicians Monthly Salaries are as follows:

Salary of the President of Nigeria.

As stated in the RMAFC, the President’s yearly salary and allowances amounts N14.4 million. The breakdown of the basic salary and allowances are as follows:

  1. Basic Salary: N514,705
  2. Hardship allowance: N1,757,350
  3. Constituency: N8,786,762
  4. Leave allowance: N351,470

The Federal Government provides all his needs which include: entertainment, clothing, medical bills, newspapers, Personal Assistants, security, Special Assistants, utility bills, and vehicles.

At the completion of his tenure, he receives 300% of his salary as his severance gratuity.

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Salary of the Vice President of Nigeria.

The Vice President receives a yearly salary and allowances which amounts N12.1 million. The breakdown of the salary and allowances are shown below:

  1. Basic salary: N2,064,400
  2. Hardship allowance: N1,515,786.25
  3. Constituency allowance: N7,578,931.25

Others include: about 75% of his yearly basic salary is used for vehicles and maintenance; he receives 25% to hire Personal Assistants; 75% for domestic staff; 45% for entertainment and 30% percent for utility.

He receives a separate 20% for monitoring, 200% for accommodation, 300% for furniture and 10% as Leave Allowance. He receives Duty tour Allowance of N35,000 per night and Travel Allowance of $900 per night.

At the end of his tenure, he receives 300% as gratuity.

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Salary of the Senate President of Nigeria.

The Senate President receives an annual salary of N8.69million; basic salary of N2,484,242.50 and allowances N6.2million. He receives a monthly salary of N724,570, he also receives 250% of his yearly salary as Constituency Allowance.

The Federal Government provides his needs such as vehicle and maintenance, newspaper, clothing, entertainment, Personal Assistant, Special Adviser, domestic staff, utilities, security, house maintenance and Legislative Aids.

He receives duty tour allowance of N37,000 per night and estacode of $1000 per night. At the end of his tenure, he receives 300% gratuity.

Salary of the Deputy Senate President of Nigeria.

The deputy senate president receives a yearly Salary of N8,082,083.63; basic salary of N2,309,166.75 and total allowance of N5,772,916.8. His monthly pay is N673,506.97.

He receives a Duty Tour Allowance of N32,000 per night and estacode of $1000.

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Salaries of Senate Members.

The salary of the Senate Majority Leader amount N12,968,960, while that of the Minority Leader is N12,908,168. The chief whip receives N12,867,000. Ordinary Senators receive a yearly salary of N12,766,320.00; basic salary of N2,026,400 and allowance of N10,739,920.

The following is a breakdown of the yearly salary of Senators according to Professor Sagay’s (SAN) perspective:

  1. Basic salary: N2,484,245.50
  2. Hardship allowance: N1,242,122.70
  3. Constituency allowance: N4, 968,509
  4. Furniture allowance: N7,452, 736.50
  5. Newspaper allowance: N1,242,122.70
  6. Wardrobe allowance: N621,061.37
  7. Recess allowanceN248,424.55
  8. Accommodation: N4,968,509
  9. Utilities: N828,081.83
  10. Domestic staff: N1,863,184.12
  11. Entertainment: N828, 081.83
  12. Personal assistant: N621,061.37
  13. Vehicle maintenance allowances: N1,863,184.12
  14. Leave allowance: N248,424.55
  15. Severance gratuity: N7,425,736.50
  16. Vehicle allowance: N9,936,982

Salaries of House of Representative Members.

At this level, the Speaker receives a yearly salary of N4,334,942.50. The Federal Government provides his needs just like the Senate President. He receives a constituency allowance of 75%, $750 for estacode and N30,000 for Duty Tour allowance.

The Deputy Speaker receives a yearly salary of N4,002,309.94 and enjoys same benefit as the Speaker.

The Majority Leader, Minority leader, Chief Whip and Chairmen of Commitees receive a yearly salaries of N6,352,680; 50% as vehicle and maintenance allowance, 50% for domestic staff, 10% for utilities and 10% for house maintenance.

House members receive $550 for estacode and N21,000 for Duty Tour.

Salaries of Federal Ministers.

The breakdown of their salaries is as follows:

  1. Basic salary: N2,026,400
  2. Vehicle fuelling and maintenance allowance:  N1,519,800 (annual value).
  3. Domestic staff: N911,880 annually
  4. Entertainment:  N607,920
  5. Utilities:  N405,280
  6. Monitoring allowances:  N303,960
  7. Personal Assistant allowances:  N506,000
  8. Newspaper allowances: N303,960
  9. Leave allowance:  N202,640
  10. Tour duty:  N35,000
  11. Estacode allowance:  $900 per night
  12. Housing allowance:  N4,052,800

Salaries of House of Assembly Members.

The Speakers of the State House of Assembly also have same benefits as their Federal equivalents. Nevertheless, their yearly salary amounts N2,049,843.75 and 25% as Constituency Allowance.

The House of Assembly members receive N2,473,866.25.

Salaries of States Governors And Other States’ Political Officers

The Governors in Nigeria earn N2.2 million as basic salary, the Deputy State Governors earn N2.11 million as basic salary and the State Commissioners earn N1.33 million.

Salaries of Local Government Political Officers

The Local Government Chairman receives;

  1. Basic salary: N1,026,327
  2. Personal Assistant allowance: N256,581
  3. Domestic allowance: N769,745
  4. Entertainment allowance: N461,847
  5. Utility allowance: N307,898
  6. Security allowance: N30,000
  7. Leave allowance: N102,632
  8. Wardrobe: N256,581

The Vice Chairman receives;

  1. Basic salary: N904,320
  2. Personal Assistant allowance: N226,080
  3. Domestic allowance: N758,240
  4. Entertainment allowance: N406,944
  5. Utility allowance: N271,296
  6. Security allowance: N20,000
  7. Leave allowance: N90,432
  8. Wardrobe: N226,080

The secretaries receive a yearly salary of N2.46 million; basic salary of N684,395, domestic allowance of N513,296 and other allowances.

Elected Councilors receive a yearly salary of N2.4 million; basic salary of N669,105, domestic allowance of N501,828, etc.

The supervisory Councilors receive N1.86 million; basic salary of N557,427, domestic allowance of N418,070, etc.

This is all about the salaries of politicians in Nigeria for 2018.

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