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Nigeria Customs Service New Salary Structure for Officers

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Nigeria Customs Service New Salary Structure for Officers. The Nigerian custom salary for its officers is paid according to ranks as with other … Nigerian Customs Service Salary Scale Structure (New). Nigerian Customs Service Salary Structure.

Nigeria Customs Service New Salary Structure.

The Nigeria Customs Service has announced a broad increase in the take-home pay for all cadres of Customs officers and men in line with the recent increase in salaries for public servants approved by the Federal Government of Nigeria.


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Known as the Consolidated Para-military Salary Structure (CONPASS), it provides a broad increase in basic salary and a range of allowances for Para-military personnels.

Items consolidated with the basic salary are transport allowance and meal subsidy. Other allowances consolidated in COMPASS include those for Utility, Hazards, House maintenance, Uniform maintenance, General Services, Torchlight, and Detective. The rest are for Hardiness, Plain-Cloth, Furniture and Personal Servant for entitled officers.

However Rent Allowance has not been consolidated with the rest of the emoluments as it payable only to officers not provided accommodation at Government expense.

Under the new structure, the least paid Customs Inspector will earn a consolidated salary of N29,779 per month. He could earn an additional N4,740 as Rent subsidy if he does not occupy Government Quarters.

Comptroller-General of Customs, Jacob Gyang Buba directed that details of the new salary structure which takes effect from January 2007. be brought to the notice of all officers, while the Accounts unit should immediately compute the financial implication of the new salaries to determine how much of the 7% cost of collection with-holdings will now go for salary payments.

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