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Make Money Online 2018/19 in Nigeria | See Super Sure Methods Ideas!

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Make Money Online 2018/19 in Nigeria | See Super Sure Methods Ideas! How to Make Money Online in Nigeria 2018/2019. Make Money Online in Nigeria 2018…. How to build cash on-line in Federal Republic of Nigeria functioning from home or workplace could be a tutorial i even have been nursing for years. i actually didn’t wish to rush it as a result of my intention was to unravel the challenge once and for all.

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Make Money Online 2018/19 in Nigeria

Over the years, it has become very easy to make money online In Nigeria. As a Nigerian, one of the best things that you can get is an avenue to make money and the digital world has made that easier. So let us answer this question, “How to make money online in Nigeria?”.

Why was this article created on how to Make Money Online in Nigeria?

So the goal of this guide, is to empower Nigerians that area unit searching for real ways that to take a position their time for profit and build vast daily financial gain.

We aim that – when reading this tutorial, anybody that’s willing to take a position his time and follow the secrets unconcealed during this post ought to be creating nothing but $1,000 monthly which while not a lot of efforts.

WARNING: Creating cash on-line may be intoxicating! actually, I even have an addict that produces the maximum amount as $500 for a few of the writing jobs he completes, however complains of lack of rest, as he invests most time creating solid researches that churns out the content.

So aim to create cash online by making a schedule that’s versatile enough for your on-line business choices, day-after-day activities and private learning.

Best fifty on-line Businesses in Federal Republic of Nigeria Tutorial

Is it really possible to make money online in Nigeria?

This is the question I get from people most times, when the issue of making money online comes up, I want to tell you that is highly possible. You just have to put your mind to it and do your own due diligence.

It is so fun that you get paid even into your local bank account here in Nigeria guaranteed and I tell you, it is very genuine. I am a testimony to this fact and I am not talking on hearsay.

This article will show you all the possible ways to make money in Nigeria and I promise that, I will be judicious enough and touch all the possible ways – Both the ones I tested and the ones I just came across.

Some of the methods can be started without paying anything not even a dime i.e., it does not matter if you are a student or graduate, employed or unemployed, you can even make money from home.

What you need to Make Money Online In Nigeria

Internet connection.Intelligence
Nigerian bank account: with a master card.Perseverance.
Right resourceUniqueness
Desktop computer of LaptopConfidence.
Cash (you need it in anything you do in life).Foresight
Power sourcePatience.

At the finish, you will see that it is actually see that making money online in Nigeria is easy, you just never knew about it, that is why you got me.

You also do not have to be scared as this money making opportunities are very legit and legal, you have to trust me, I don’t make my money illegally, it is all legitimate, that is why I spend like a boss!

Searches related to make money online in Nigeria

Now lets get started, on how to make money online in Nigeria.

How to make money online in Nigeria: Latest Online money making opportunities

This is the core of our purpose here, this article contains over 30 ways to make money online in Nigeria both free and with investments, and you have to choose the one that favors you the most and stick to it.

1. Make money online in Nigeria by Blogging

Blogging is the sure way and the most easiest way to making money online in Nigeria, so easy that that you can start for free and even work from home. You do not need an office space, you can actually start to blog from your bedroom.

Blogging makes you a boss in your own right, you can work at any time you like and the flexibility of the whole blogging process make it something I recommend to you.

The downside is that, blogging may really take time for you to start to see your results and earning some money depending on the competition of your selected niche and how well your blog is optimized for the search engines.

If you are a great writer, then making money online in Nigeria from blogging is what I recommend to you.

ATTENTION: If you want to start making money online in Nigeria by Blogging, CONTACT MEDIANGR.COM SUPPORT TEAM or Send us email @ [email protected] for more details. Do not procrastinate, start today, your first earning online will really encourage as you.

You can always monetize your blog with third party advertisement or even your own services and products, whichever serves you the most. CLICK HERE TO CONTACT MEDIANGR.COM SUPPORT TEAM FOR MORE DETAILS.

2. Make money online in Nigeria by MAKE MONEY ON FIVERR

How to build cash on-line in Federal Republic of Nigeria with Fiverr

The good a part of Fiverr is this; there’s employment for everybody no matter skills and/or experience.

So, the primary step is to spot the talents you’re willing to figure with. Graphic style

  • Cartoon and Animations
  • Technical Writing
  • Digital promoting
  • SEO, on-line Advertising
  • Web Programming and CMS Installation
  • Web style and CSS Customization
  • Proof-reading, Content promoting and Translation services.

Once there’s a decent range of positive reviews for your account, alter the gig for gain and sail on to the larger a part of your “make cash online” journey.

3. Make money online in Nigeria by AMAZON AFFILIATE PROGRAM

How to build cash on-line with Amazon Associate Program

To be frank here, Amazon associate program isn’t a simple nut to crack for many newbies. this can be as a result of the niche is already dominated by prime USA, UK, Republic of India and Australian marketers that are operating during this niche for like ages.

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4. Make money online in Nigeria by CREATING NICHE WEBSITES

Niche websites are actually small websites where the contents are geared to one particular blogging niche or topic, it tends to cover all the aspect of that topic in great details offering useful and relevant information at all time to its specific audience.

This particular website is niched to digital marketing and all that has to do with it, I hope you get the drift now? It could be of few pages or multiple pages depending on the size and growth potential of that niche you are into.

This online business model is best suited for those who have knowledge an interest in specific topics and niches e.g. Fisheries, phones, dogs, computers etc.

ATTENTION: If you want to start making money online in Nigeria, CONTACT MEDIANGR.COM SUPPORT TEAM or Send us email @ [email protected] for more details. Do not procrastinate, start today, your first earning online will really encourage as you.

5. Make money online in Nigeria by DOMAIN SERVICES PROMOTION

Web business is profitable, thus several businesses are becoming on-line with every having the maximum amount as ten domain names to it’s credit.

Besides, new bloggers, marketers and Netpreneurs area unit on the net daily, looking for the simplest ways that to urge their business on-line safely.

Joining name services promotion is sort of straightforward.

6. Make money online in Nigeria by WEB HOSTING SERVICES PROMOTION

In all, you’ll rank in sensible financial gain monthly by promoting hosting firms, SEO tools and/or alternative profitable digital services.

7. Make money online in Nigeria by STARTING A YOUTUBE CHANNEL

This is one of the free ways to make money online in Nigeria, all you have to be start a YouTube channel which is very easy task to accomplish and it needs no start up investment except cost of internet data.

According to its own statistics, YouTube gets more than 5 billion views per day and it is the second largest place where people make searches apart from google.

So many people are making money from YouTube including my humble self so I know the power and realm of possibilities here for making money online as a Nigerian.

So you know, there is a young man named Felix Kjellberg, the owner of PewDiePie channel on YouTube which has earned 12 million dollars way back in 2015, imagine how much he will be raking in today.

The idea is just too basically shoot or source for videos and upload them to your personal channel, the videos can be about any topic of your choosing but make sure it is very engaging and educating.

If you are photogenic, loves to talk and stand in front of the camera, short video clips and even films, I welcome you to the world of video marketing, welcome to making money online in Nigeria from YouTube.

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8. Make money online in Nigeria by COMMISSION JUNCTION (CJ)

This permits you to build cash on-line by promoting merchandise from many classes.

Here, you’ll promote software package, apps, on-line promoting tools and simply any product that’s associated with your field or profession.

9. Make money online in Nigeria by SHAREASALE

We’ll prefer to boost the affiliate programs list with shareasale. They allow you to earn a decent total by promoting comptroller offers. prime vendors area unit already on this platform that build it straightforward to create sales and discover some $$. The link to sign in to their affiliate program is

10. Make money online in Nigeria by SELLING WEBSITES ON FLIPPA

This may be the first time you are hearing the name, Flippa, right? What you do there is to sell off your website to interested buyers.

Most people build their website for personal use but selling the website on flippa is one of the multiple ways possible to make money online.

If you are interested in selling or buying already made websites, then flippa is the place for you. There is no limit to what you can here

This online money making model is best for those who can design websites and develop them to a professional level.

11. Make money online in Nigeria SELLING VIDEO COURSES ON UDEMY

Do you know that you can sell videos even without a website, so do not worry anymore, the place where that is possible is called UDEMY.

Udemy is an online platform for learning, it boasts of huge collection of video courses that cuts across all the all field from photography to programming. This is really on very hot way to start making a living online.

The courses can actually be created in all types of formats, be it text, video and audio. The courses are always available on demand and you can watch them anytime you like as a student, read or even listen too.

This part is best for people who love to teach, know how to do a lot of explaining and solve problems generally.

Suitable for: This online money making opportunity is best for people who like to teach, explain and solve problems.

ATTENTION: If you want to start making money online in Nigeria, CONTACT MEDIANGR.COM SUPPORT TEAM or Send us email @ [email protected] for more details. Do not procrastinate, start today, your first earning online will really encourage as you.

12. Make money online in Nigeria MINI-IMPORTATION BUSINESS

Mini-importation is otherwise to create cash on-line in Federal Republic of Nigeria. You’ll succeed with this niche if you have already got cheaper means that of earning/sourcing for bucks. Else, your best bet would be to shop for from digital currency exchangers or from the parallel market.

Look for merchandise that will sell well. in your location while not a lot of competition. you’ll conjointly value more highly to sell them on-line via Konga, Jumia, Payporte and alternative eCommerce stores that permits it.

Non-so-popular room appliances and varied.

Visit to import at competitive rates on Aliexpress, Gearbest,, Taobao Marketplace or Alibaba.

You can begin with free shipping (up to a pair of weeks wait time) then progress to paid shifting choices once you starts succeeding with it.

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13. Make money online in Nigeria by DOING CPA MARKETING

CPA stands for “Cost Per Action”. CPA marketing is a form of online marketing that rewards for generating a lead. Leads are customers referred to take a particular action or make a purchase of a product.

The difference between CPA marketing and Affiliate marketing is that, you are not selling anything as in affiliate marketing, but you refer customers who take action and th company decides what to do with them.

Examples of Cost per Action can include:

  • Providing an email address
  • Signing up for a free trail
  • Downloading a mobile app
  • Requesting a quote.
  • Filling a zip form.

This is best for those digital marketers who can write convincingly in details and can persuade others to take action.

14. Make money online in Nigeria from FOREX TRADING AND BINARY OPTIONS

I mentioned Forex because it is also an avenue to make money online in Nigeria, if you really understand all that it involves.

If you are interested, you can search on Google for good tutors that can put you through in-depth the techniques involved in making money through forex trading and binary options.


It’s not each one that has the mental or monetary wherewithal to run a self-made web log.


Making money online in Nigeria has been a trending question online recently. I’m now convinced that with the listed ideas above, you has truly chosen your choice and a source of making money online 2018/2019.

Don’t forget to share your thoughts and questions in the comment box below. I would be available for all questions.

If you still have any other question on how to make money online in Nigeria 2018, kindly comment below. PLEASE DO WELL TO SHARE THIS ARTICLE…

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