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10 Highest Paying Nigeria Companies Recruiting in August 2018/2019

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10 Highest Paying Nigeria Companies Recruiting in August 2018/2019. Are you looking for a job vacancy to apply for? Would you like to know the 10 Highest Paying Companies Recruiting this Month (August) 2018 in Nigeria? If yes that you want to see the available job openings this month, then keep reading.

Make sure you read each of the company’s details starting from the first company down to the 10th one.

However, you should note that No.9 is one company everyone dreams of working with.

Still on that, kindly make sure you calm down and read through each of the companies jobs very well.

We’ve done our very best to bring you these list’s of the highest paying companies that are currently recruiting this August.

We even went as far as getting you foreign companies jobs that actually pays well. So are you ready to see some of the jobs you can apply today? Walk with us, as we lead you straight to that very job that’ll change you forever.

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All the Jobs we’ve listed here are all Free. We will never ask you to pay any money for recruitment purpose. We understand the fact that you currently have no job, that’s why we’re helping out with job vacancies from the 10 companies that pays their workers the highest salary in Nigeria.

Like we’ve said before, don’t get distracted while reading this, ensure you read and understand each page very well.

Always move to the next page, so you can see the list from 1 down to 10.

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1. FHI 360

FHI 360 is a nonprofit human development organization dedicated to improving lives in lasting ways by advancing integrated, locally driven solutions.

Read below to find out the kind of staff’s FHI recruit.

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Our staff includes experts in the following fields:

  • Health
  • Education
  • Nutrition
  • Environment
  • Economic development
  • Civil society
  • Gender
  • Youth
  • Research and technology
  • Creating a unique mix of capabilities to address today’s interrelated development challenges.

You have to kindly note that FHI 360 serves more than 70 countries and all U.S. states and territories.

So you see now, you can have the chances of traveling abroad if you secure employment with FHI.

FHI is currently seeking qualified candidates for the following positions we’ve listed below:

Available Vacancies

  1. Technical Officer, Monitoring & Evaluation, Banki
  2. Assistant Technical Officer, WASH, Gamboru
  3. Assistant Technical Officer, Environment Health, Rann
  4. Assistant Technical Officer, Environmental Health, Damasak
  5. Assistant Technical Officer, Protection, Rann
  6. Assistant Technical Officer, Protection, Damasak
  7. Assistant Technical Officer, Case Management, Damasak
  8. Assistant Technical Officer, Case Management, Rann
  9. Finance & Administrative Assistant, Rann
  10. Finance & Administrative Assistant, Damasak
  11. Logistics & Warehouse Assistant, Rann
  12. Logistics & Warehouse Assistant, Damasak
  13. Assistant Technical Officer, Midwifery, Rann
  14. Assistant Technical Officer, Midwifery, Damasak
  15. Assistant Technical Officer, Laboratory Services, Rann
  16. Assistant Technical Officer, Laboratory Services, Damasak
  17. Assistant Technical Officer, Monitoring & Evaluation, Damasak
  18. Assistant Technical Officer, Monitoring & Evaluation, Rann
  19. Assistant Technical Officer, Pharmacy, Rann
  20. Assistant Technical Officer, Pharmacy, Damasak
  21. Assistant Technical Officer, WASH, Damasak
  22. Assistant Technical Officer, WASH, Rann
  23. Assistant Technical Officer, PHC, Damasak
  24. Assistant Technical Officer, PHC, Rann
  25. Field Coordinator, Damasak
  26. Field Coordinator, Rann
  27. Assistant Technical Officer, Nursing, Rann
  28. Assistant Technical Officer, Nursing, Damasak
  29. Driver, Rann
  30. Driver, Damasak
  31. Deputy Project Director-Global Fund, Abuja
  32. Monitoring & Evaluation Coordinator, Maiduguri
  33. Finance Assistant, Gamboru
  34. Director, Finance and Administration, Abuja
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How to Apply

We have included the Application links to all Jobs right after The 10th company.

So ensure you read to the end so you can see how to Apply.

Please Note: Ensure to read the next page very well. Don’t be in a hurry okay. We want the very best for you.

See Another Job in the next Page

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