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Gallant Nigerian Military Women Cry that, Nigerian Men Do Not Want to….

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Gallant Nigerian Military Women Cry that, Nigerian Men Do Not Want to…. Some frustrated military women at major military base in Nigeria mentioned that Nigerian men fear to propose not to talk about getting married.

When asked why men are not making advances towards them even though they are equally beautiful as their civilian counterparts, they explained that the only reason they could think of is that, Nigerian men are afraid to propose to them.

“When we took the hard decision to defend and serve NAIJA we never anticipated that it was going to cost us an opportunity to find our life partners”, Adaego 28 (not her real name).

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“It has been more than 4yrs in the service and not a single man has made an attempt to approach me not to talk of proposing to me. Apart from being a military woman, I am human too with needs.., how do you expect me to give out my best when those needs are not met?” Adaego, 28 (not her real name). These are but a few of the comments some of the frustrated military women shared with a Blogger who visited them at the camp.

Do you think Nigerian men are afraid to propose to military women? Leave your comments below.


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  1. Omo oluwa says

    Yes the men are afraid, considering the possibility of her brutalising him with her military skills in a scenario of misunderstanding between both of them.

    1. James Nguuma Kase says

      Don’t you think its quite pathetic on their part?

  2. Owoeye Ayomide says

    As for me I like military woman but is very hard to see them and approach them.

    1. James Nguuma Kase says

      Smile… Quite funny tho. Truly, its quite difficult to approach those ladies for any relationship matters despite their beauty. Same here Mr. Ayomide

  3. Yahaya Bello says

    Who will approach dem for anything….who want receive beating of his life like dey did for one guy posted on facebook sometimes ago

    1. James Nguuma Kase says

      Hahahaha…. Just as Police will say, they are your friend? hmmmm

  4. Aro Yomi says

    Anyway, I know some (not all men) are afraid of them…..meanwhile, it doesn’t mean anything…..many of them (d female officers) have respect if u ever across one. As 4me, I don’ see reason why men should not engage them though they scarce

    1. James Nguuma Kase says

      Hmmmm….. Sir Yomi, will you personally approach them for anything like going in for a relationship?

  5. Raphael.O says

    I love to date a military woman, but who I I’m to stand in the front of a lady putting on kaki… ?
    We love you but we are afraid to stand in front of you not to talk of asking you out.

    1. James Nguuma Kase says

      Smiles… Come on bro. These girls are friendly and beautiful. Don’t approach them while on duty until they are on their way home or somewhat? LOLZ…

      Do you think I’m a learner to approach any? I dare not. hehehe…. 🙂

  6. tobe says

    I really need one, I have been looking for. I don’t know what to do

    1. James Nguuma Kase says

      Hahahaha…. You need Jesus sir Tobe. 😉

  7. Richard olu Akinyemi says

    Yes Nigerian men are afraid for their high temperament involved
    Nigerian men need wives not boss
    It is better for those With military background to marry their counterparts

    1. James Nguuma Kase says


  8. UWA Palogbo says

    Your Comment pls I like military woman just that I have not met one

    1. James Nguuma Kase says


  9. simadek says

    you see men were afraid of military ladies because they thought any time there is an issues they will threat like those the faulting

    1. James Nguuma Kase says

      Hahahaha, Mr. Simadek I understand your point correctly.

  10. austine says

    The truth is that,most time you don’t even see them,accept those close in the barracks, again seeing a military woman on uniform you can even excuse her for the fear of that uniform, again not knowing if she is in her good stage of mind before she will transfer aggression on you.

    1. James Nguuma Kase says

      Yes you’re absolutely correct. Seeing them at the rightful time is the issue here.

      Nevertheless, people as me will never try it oh. lol 🙂

  11. simadek says

    as for me I like something like military
    so if I can have one I couldn’t minds

    1. James Nguuma Kase says

      Lolz… you better look for one for yourself.

  12. brian ageh says

    you people find it difficult to get husband because the nature of your work restrict you from relating properly with the public. go out, make friends and relate with the public with your little free chance. you will see the solution to your problem.

    1. James Nguuma Kase says

      Mr. Brian, you’re absolutely 100% correct.

  13. Kenny says

    even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of Death, I shall fear no evil…

    1. James Nguuma Kase says

      🙂 No matter how much quotes you make, you cannot do it sir Kenny. Lolz

  14. Dolapo says

    I have tried one before and the ego was much, she couldn’t agreed with me. But if anyone of them can try sometimes put on mofty and stroll out, I think they could find one. But any Yoruba one out of them, am available sha. 09038295414 call me Dolapo.

    1. James Nguuma Kase says

      This man shaa ?. Don’t you know where the nearest barrack is? Go and get one oh ?

  15. Ed Carl says

    A young woman in uniform is usually smoking hot in my book but…..

    1. James Nguuma Kase says

      Mr. Man you’re scared ?

  16. ayedun Emmanuel says

    the main reason is because of d brutality of d Nigerian military and everything will once the Nigerian military start operating like d Americans military whereby dey don’t just beat anybody on d street them men won’t fear them and men will propose since he knows if he propose and the military woman says no he won’t be dealt with

    1. James Nguuma Kase says

      You’ve got a word gere but I doubt if we can be like the white. WE ARE AFRICANS

  17. Hodel says

    Asking them out for a date should b d starting point,if she refuse fine,don’t insist that much,but if she accept still fine…Presently I have an air force officer as fiancy…And we are hoping for d best.

    1. James Nguuma Kase says

      Wow. Quite loving. You guys are lucky anyways.

      Wish you all the best Sir Hodel and Happy Married Life to come. 🙂

  18. Presley says

    How can they beat the hell out of a young handsome man just because he made a statement to a female soldier “U ARE BEAUTIFUL ” that’s the problem, not friendly with the public.

    1. James Nguuma Kase says

      Some do this, and some don’t. Just pray you’re lucky enough not to meet with the wrong one. Lolz

  19. Abubakar Sadeek says

    Dating a military woman has always been my dreams….only if I didn’t know she was a military when I met her…meaning I could have met her on mufti or casual wears and later found out she a military woman..I would be so happy buy approaching her while on uniform? hmmm them no born that guy well ni…no matter how you chop liver reach…except the lady had given some kinda green light

    1. James Nguuma Kase says

      True talk my brother

  20. Sanni says

    As for me I need a seriously relationship but am afraid of them Wat can I do.

    1. James Nguuma Kase says

      Lol… Mr. Sanni go and approach any of them you like most and tell her how you feel. Stop wasting time. 🙂

  21. adeleke says

    I have interest in u lady’s, this is my mail [email protected]

  22. Lasisi Akinola says

    How can you imagine you expect ordinary civilian guy to propose to a military lady hmm, before you try it my guy jaar paa ooo.

    1. James Nguuma Kase says

      Lol… Do you mean you’re really “ordinary?”

  23. bello says

    Your Comment I won’t mind to marry uniform lady provided there is love and understanding ,

    1. James Nguuma Kase says

      Mr. Bello, can you approach them first?

  24. Mike says

    They mean rich men driving jeeps to approach them. But in the real sense most of them are rude based on the nature of their job being in the military they are money conscious they spend all your money and insult you, they will never never show gratitude if you are nice to them. I am talking from experience so how do you propose to someone who is rude and insulting .

    1. James Nguuma Kase says

      Hmmm… This one is pathetic. I sense some truth in here. But this experience don’t apply to all. Yes they are brutal just this is as a result of their training. If you can understand this, you can go a long way from there

  25. ibb says

    wow surprise we love them ooo 08099181699 I need a call from one of them

  26. Omodeko lucky says

    It’s a general problem with Nigerian army brutalizing it citizen it’s to protect…
    In other civilized country where things are properly done a man could walk up to a military man and get acquainted without being brutalized thoughtless of a woman
    So until the army stops brutalizing it’s citizens and start protecting and not intimidating them…no civilian man will go close to them

    1. James Nguuma Kase says

      Wisest words on this article. More wisdom sir Lucky.

  27. Kelvin says

    I am Kelvin, how can a military fimail beat a young man just because he said you are beautiful

  28. Austin says

    Your Comment. how can you a military fimail beat a young man because he said you are beautiful

  29. collins says

    I think I love them and I wll get married to one of them

  30. Yousuph says

    As for me too, I like military women but meeting them is the issue. They should try and socialize and try to make the men fall for them before even informing them of their profession. If I see one, I can marry.

  31. Exdon says

    Gallant military women are good to go if you see them u will feel happy but to meet them is I wish I can get one I will be proud of my self that am marrying a military lady

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