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Denmark Visa Lottery Application Form 2018/19 And Requirements

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Denmark Visa Lottery: Today, I will show you exactly how to apply for Denmark Visa Lottery Application Form 2018-2019 and get approved in short period of time with ease, and as well give you well detailed guidelines on the procedures and requirements for applying Denmark Visa Lottery 2018.

Denmark Visa Lottery Application Form

Denmark Visa Lottery is a working paper record that provides you with Denmark permanent residence data. This as well put you in this same category as Denmark citizen(s), this means that you enjoy the same benefits as the Denmark citizens.

Below are some of the benefits you will enjoy; 

  1. Decent job/employment,
  2. right to ownership/property ownership,
  3. Educational right etc.
  4. Your spouse & children below the age of 21 can join you when you are on Denmark Visa Lottery.

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Denmark Visa Lottery Application Form 2018-2019 Requirements:

Academic Qualification:

  1. A Bachelor’s Degree or a nurse or schoolteacher, is required.
  2. Having an Educational related to occupations can as well fetch you a good bonus marks.
  3. With Masters Degree or a PhD you receive a bonus marks.
  4. graduating from an institution which is internationally accredited for its good academic records according to the latest THES-QS World Ranking we fetch you some good bonus marks.


Language Skills Qualification:

You must know how to speak any of these languages below which put you in a right track for this program; If you can speak the 3 languages then it is a bonus for you.

  • English
  • German
  • Danish
  • Swedish
  • Norwegian
  • Work Experience

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Regarding to your work, you can been give score marks based on your working experience, which is based on how many years you have been in the System. And also, if you are 40 years or younger you have a great chance of qualifying or winning.

How to Apply Denmark Visa Lottery Application Form 2018-2019

To apply for Denmark Visa Lottery is and eass and simple which can be done by login into their official website.

To qualify or win Denmark Visa Lottery your qualifications or experience must earn you 100 score marks and you must be from 17 or 18 with some years of work experience.

Age Limits

Score marks based on your age:

  • 35-45 years: Ten(10) score marks.
  • 36 years or blooming: Fifteen (15) score marks.
  • 15 score marks is the highest masks one can receive for its year.

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If any part of this article, Denmark Visa Lottery Application Form is unclear to you, Please, ask us for more enlightenment by using the comment box below.

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