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How to Apply Foundation Like the Makeup Artist You Don’t Seem To Be

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How to Apply Foundation Like the Makeup Artist You Don’t Seem To Be. Even as editors, we have our fair share of mishaps with makeup, and we know you can relate. So we turned to Facebook to ask you about your biggest complaints when it comes to one of the trickiest parts of perfecting your look—foundation.

How to Apply Foundation Like the Makeup Artist You Don’t Seem To Be

First Things First;

Wet your beautyblender sponge until it expands—it’ll reduce the amount of product that gets absorbed so you can assure you’re not wasting any precious makeup. Be sure to wring out any excess water, because too much can make your makeup streaky. If you’re worried about going overboard, Moss says to use a spray bottle to spritz the sponge until it expands and is damp to the touch.


apply one pump of the Bounce Foundation to the sponge (it’s a whipped formula, so you don’t need much to cover your face). And, because the formula is infused with hydrating hyaluronic acid, it boosts moisture and plumps the skin, while white birch extract soothes and brightens. Those ingredients alone will give you a smooth canvas, but Moss also says you can tailor your application to your coverage preference.

The less coverage you want, the more bouncing you should do to sheer it out. It’s also worth noting that Bounce is a full coverage formula and buildable, so however much you decide to use, it hides all of your problem areas.

There’s no right way to finish your look. Top it off with as little or as much product as you want. Here, Moss filled in Erin’s brows, added some mascara, dabbed on blush, and swiped on a natural lip. Easy enough, right? Now that you’ve mastered the application process, be sure to check back for the next installment of Under Cover, where we’ll show you how to pick your perfect (shade) match. 

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